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Youth Culture Killed My Dog - They Might Be Giants

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’m reaching ‘way back to 1986 for today’s post, having failed to have been moved by much new music today, to They Might Be Giants and their first, self-titled album. While I may have chosen half a dozen songs from the album, such as I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die or (She Was A) Hotel Detective, I’ve chosen a particularly TMBG song to share.

Youth Culture Killed My Dog introduces new folks to the joy that is They Might Be Giants. It also reminds us fans about their sense of humor and their dedication to critiquing modern society and trends. This isn’t my absolute favorite TMBG song, but it ranks pretty far up on my list of their best. If you want a more modern (but still ten-year-old-plus) song from them, take a listen to The Statue Got Me High, as well.

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