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Forty Shades of Grey - Chewing on Tinfoil

Legbamel Not-Pop

Shaving: The Album
The darling boys with Chewing on Tinfoil have been kind enough to send me their latest recording. While hubby loved the first album, "Get Rich or Try Dying", I was a little more reserved in my opinion. I liked it but I didn't love it.

Now, with "Shaving", the Dublin crew have captured my attention. The songs are grittier, more ska-influenced, and quite strong. I've been enjoying them for some time trying to decide which one best represented the album. I've decided Forty Shades of Grey gave the best picture of Shaving. The songs are all autobiographical and explore issues that everyone shares at some point. If you'd like, you can hear the whole album on Grooveshark but in the meantime have a listen to Forty Shades of Grey and see what you think of the new sound.

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