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A Thank You to ThinkGeek and WonderfulWeb

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’ve been sitting on the news that I won a fabulous ThinkGeek prize from WonderfulWeb for my Bloggers Unite post in December. I’ve been “awarded” a prize or two before that did not materialize, so I was leery of celebrating before I knew that the Personal Soundtrack Shirt was really mine. Yesterday, said shirt was delivered into my hot little hands, and I had a field day playing with it.

We devised a game at home, during which I would play a particular “soundtrack” song (Spy Mission, Western Showdown, etc.) and my children would enter the room in that particular style. I would then play the police siren and chase them around the house with a flashlight, until I caught them (cue Superhero Rescue song) and put them in jail (with cheering). This happened after I finally managed to pry it out of my husband’s hands, of course.

The question is, do I leave the sound effects or replace some or all of them with my own music/effects? What song rates so highly; which songs are part of my personal soundtrack? We decided last night that each of us should get our own SD card and set up a soundtrack, so that everyone can enjoy the shirt. And the speaker/wires are detachable for washing, which will definitely come in handy, and which has prompted hubby to consider other places to attach said speaker. So thanks, to both WonderfulWeb and ThinkGeek. I’ll be enjoying the shirt and will post again if anything really creative or entertaining happens with it. I suspect that it will.

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