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World AIDS Day

Legbamel Not-Pop

Rather than post a particular song, today, I wanted to recognize World AIDS Day (and BloggersUnite). Thus, I’d like to draw your attention to (RED)WIRE, a new on-line magazine designed to let musician support AIDS research and treatment in Africa, in a very public way. Of course, U2’s Bono is at the forefront of the venture, but you can find videos from such folks as Coldplay, John Legend, Sheryl Crow, The Police with Elvis Costello, and Death Cab for Cutie. The idea is that such prominent musicians can draw attention and money to a cause that could not be more worthy – the elimination of AIDS in Africa.

For $5 a month, you get a music player that works with the free weekly tracks, exclusives from the participating artists, and inspiring videos and slideshows about the progress of AIDS treatment and research. Check out their web site for details, and consider investing a small amount of money with this worthy cause. The returns go beyond merely getting bonus music. They include the pride of knowing that every month you literally save the life of someone suffering with AIDS when you pay your subscription fee.

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