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Fistful of Dynamite - Bombskare

Legbamel Not-Pop

There are some who say that ska is dead, that the great bands have all moved to punk or funk or rock and roll. They say that the good groups have turned in their two-tone and quit skankin' in exchange for leather and screaming. Not true.

The pop chart love affair with ska, lamentably brief but real, has ended, yes. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will likely never chart again. Be honest, Sublime was never a ska band in the first place. But ska is alive and well all over the world, as well it should be.

In case you doubt, let me share with you a little post from The NPJ on G+, where I normally blather on these days (hint, hint). As an added bonus, as all the best ska bands do, they've work the genre into their name. Okay, not all the best ska bands, it's just a little quirk that entertains me, like when Mephiskapheles or The Skatalites do it. And now, Bombskare...

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