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Voodoo - Street Corner Symphony

Legbamel Not-Pop

Voodoo is, hands down, the slinkiest, sexiest thing I've heard this month. I consider a capella to be a guilty pleasure because, so often, it's creative arrangements of songs done by a hundred other people. I admire their talent and their teamwork but it's so rare for me to find really great original a capella song (hence my adoration for Throat Culture).

Right into the middle of my preconceptions came Street Corner Symphony with and entire album of original work. They picked Voodoo as the first single and in about twelve seconds you can hear why. As a bonus, you get a lot of slinky, burlesque moves and old-school suits. You don't need them, however, unless you want to see the guys and gals who are making all of that hip-swinging music just with their mouths. Even in context, did that sound dirty?

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