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This Is Drum and Bass - John Brown's Body

Legbamel Not-Pop

John Brown's Body is known for mixing other genres into their music, blurring genre lines and broadening what one might consider reggae. To me, that's all to the good. Take, for instance, This Is Drum and Bass. The song is clearly a response to the genre so named but it's also a sparse instrumental with naught but ephemeral vocal flourishes and a smattering of horns. It is, however, undeniably a reggae tune.

The reason I chose to post John Brown's Body today was not just to draw the band to your attention, in case you've missed them, but because I've been listening to "Kings & Queens", their latest album. You can listen to Shine Bright on The NPJ's Google+ Page. In the meantime, tell me if this isn't a great refutation that Drum and Bass can fit only into a simple genre definition.

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