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Deft Left Hand - Babyshambles

Legbamel Not-Pop

While in general I find Babyshambles to be, well, a bit of a shambles, I thought in honor of Left Hander Day I'd share Deft Left Hand. I'd say this is my favorite of their songs. As so often happens to me, I keep coming back to the band because I'm such a sucker for a great name and you have to admit they've got that going for them. If only more of their songs were like Deft Left Hand and less like Baddie's Boogie (which isn't), I'd have posted them long ago.

Whatever the case, celebrate Lefty Day by raising your Deft Left Hand in salute. If you think I've been unfair to Babyshambles, give me some song recommendations that prove me wrong. I'm always willing to eat a little crow.

Deft Left Hand by Babyshambles on Grooveshark

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