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Tu Vuo Fa' L' Americano - Tango Conspiracy

Legbamel Not-Pop

The other day I spent some quality time listening to versions of Tu Vuo Fa' L' Americano but somehow none of them quite clicked for posting. That's because I forgot Tango Conspiracy. One wouldn't think a sort of electro-Tango group focused on Argentinian music would tackle a WWII Italian song, but clearly one would be wrong. You don't get much farther from the song's swing roots, either.

That's all to the good, though. This is a wholly new take on Tu Vuo Fa' L' Americano, more conversational than flashy but still packed with groove and attitude. Have a listen and let me know if you think it's a great read on the concept--and if you're a Tango Conspiracy fan let me know what your favorite song is.

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