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Ruby Soho - Jimmy Cliff

Legbamel Not-Pop

Renowned reggae singer Jimmy Cliff released a new album in 2012, which I just discovered last week. It came to my attention via a most-unexpected cover of Rancid's Ruby Soho which I heard on the radio. At first, I thought, "How did I now know Rancid was covering Jimmy Cliff?" Then I realized that I knew they weren't. Mind? Blown.

It turns out that "Rebirth" is rooted in punk, having been produced by Tim Armstrong. Cliff not only covers Ruby Soho but Guns of Brixton in which The Clash sang about Cliff's The Harder They Come. That's almost as much fun as Peter Gabriel covering Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.

Beyond all that, Jimmy Cliff's cover of Ruby Soho is solid rocksteady. Have a listen and do check out the whole album. It promises reggae fans and music lovers in general a return of the great Mr. Cliff and it delivers in full.

Ruby Soho by Jimmy Cliff on Grooveshark"

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