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Ring Dang Dilly - Big Maybelle

Legbamel Not-Pop

As we get over Humpday, let's enjoy some wondrous proto-rock, some foot-tapping soul from the fantastic Big Maybelle. It's got some classic 50s saxophone and that twangy rock guitar that used to be all the rage, but it's also got Maybelle tinkling the ivories and her voice just made for what used to be called R&B before that turned into smooth jazz for the Top 40 crowd.

Enjoy Big Maybelle singing her Ring Dang Dilly off and hearken back to a more innocent time...at least as far as radio play went...and the hey day for Okeh Records. Let me know if it doesn't make you want to hunt down some bobby socks and dance the Jitterbug, because it sure does me.

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