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Requiem Dem - DJ Champion

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's incredibly rare that a song moves me enough that I have to stop everything for a few minutes after hearing it just to absorb what I've heard. Requiem Dem accomplished just that.

Normally I focus on up-beat songs, some dark but few slow. Today I find myself unable to think of anything you more deserve to hear, my darlings. DJ Champion (and Pilou Côté...and an orchestra...and a bunch of other people) have finally released a new album and you can stream the whole thing on YouTube. Naturally I immediately began to do so.

I haven't made it through all seventeen songs, yet. I had thought to share Half a Mile at first but wanted to hear more. Then I hit play on Requiem Dem. Keeping the song in context, knowing that the four-year period between albums had been filled with a cancer battle that almost claimed Maxime Morin's life, this song moves from piercing power to intensely personal. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

And so, while I normally would have chosen something fun or just danceable I had to share a song that struck me hard. Requiem Dem is deep and complex, anguished and hopeful. It's a powerful piece from a talent that the world nearly lost. Then go get the album, "#1", from Champion's site. You should be able to explore the videos for the whole album right here.

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