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Got to Get You into My Life - Earth, Wind, & Fire

Legbamel Not-Pop

You poor dears have been without Earth, Wind, & Fire for far too long. To that end I bring you one of my favorites. Got to Get You into My Life is not only a quintessential EWF song but it's off the first cassette I ever owned: "The Very Best of Earth, Wind, & Fire, Vol. 1". I still have it, by the way, though it's much the worse for wear. I actually bought a replacement for it but never could bring myself to toss the original.

If you're ready to get your groove on, complete with funky horns and lots of seventies style, have a listen to Got to Get You into My Life. You can pick up the CD for seven bucks right now via the album cover above, about what I paid for that second cassette a couple of decades ago. If you're a disco funk fan like I am, throw me a few recommendations or let me know your favorite Earth, Wind, & Fire song!

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