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Songs My Kids Like: I Like Birds - Eels

Legbamel Not-Pop

In case you were unaware, Eels dropped a new album today--"Wonderful, Glorious". You know what that means: Eels for the evening! I'm sharing Peach Blossom because it's got a great, fuzzy bass line and...well, actually I'm not sharing it with you directly because I can't embed it. You'll have to click over to SoundCloud because the label did not allow embedding.

Instead, have a great older Eels song, one that my kids adore. Maybe it's the line that says "It's alright to act like a turd". Whatever the case, I Like Birds has become not only a family favorite but a bit of a catchphrase when buying time or changing the subject. It's also a great dancing-around-the-living-room song. Until I get my digital hands on a widget for the new stuff, have some older Eels to tide you over.

I like birds.

I Like Birds by Eels on Grooveshark

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