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Rocket Packs - Daniel Amos

Legbamel Not-Pop

With a big thank you to +Kirk Jordan for reintroducing me to Daniel Amos, I bring you the song that made me think, "I loved these guys!" Rocket Packs sadly still resonates as much today as it did in 1984. Why aren't we living in space? Why are we still so far from love?

While the Devo-esque sound of Rocket Packs couldn't be more 80s (especially as they keep saying, "It's the 80s") don't let it fool you into thinking this is some flash-in-the-pan band. Daniel Amos got together in 1974 and released their most recent album (as far as I can tell) in 2002. As far as I can tell, their sound covers a wide range of genres, including somewhat rockabilly and folk rock as well as something a bit on the harder side. They also have a religious bent that you don't get at all from this song or many of their others, though they really aren't "beat you over the head" about it even on "Bibleland".

At any rate, give Daniel Amos a listen and let me know if you know what happened to those promised Rocket Packs. Share if you've got a favorite song from the band as well!

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