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Mashup of the Month: Hurtful Sunshine - Dan Mei

Legbamel Not-Pop

Yet again, a mashup has introduced me to a song I've never heard outside it. I can't help but think the original Eric Hassle song will suffer by comparison. Dan Mei has used Katrina & the Waves cheer that mopey Hassle right up by shining a little sunshine on him. Voila! Hurtful Sunshine.

You can, of course, download it from Dan Mei Productions for free, as with all the mashups I post. As a side note, Mr. Mei and the rest of Mashup Industries has restarted their wonderful site filled with mashes, remixes, and more so you can pick up many of your favorite DJs from the same place. That's got me Walking on Sunshine.

Hurtful Sunshine by Dan Mei on Grooveshark

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