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I Work - I.R.O.K.

Legbamel Not-Pop

With a name like Intergalactic Republic of Kongo, you might presume a few things about this band. If you make the same leaps I did, you'll be as wrong as I was about I.R.O.K. That's okay. Some of them sound right even when you listen to the music. Then you look them up and realize they just had the album release party in January of 2013.

I Work not only spearheads the album but gives you an excellent introduction to the band. It demonstrates their combination of electronic, raging guitars, shouting, and mellow moments that carries through the whole album. It's also got a driving beat that keeps you dancing even while you're trying to understand some of the lyrics.

Trickily, I.R.O.K. intentionally mixes and mashes genres so they're pretty defiant of labels. That's why I've given them so many. Have a listen and do click over to SoundCloud to hear a All My Children, Earthy Girls, and God, all helpfully posted by Acid Bath Records.

Do let me know what you think. Now pardon me while I get back to flailing about the living room. If you can get your digital fingers on Worms from Mars, put that one on the top of your intergalactic play list.

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