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Mashup of the Month: This Tightrope's Made for Walking - Party Ben

Legbamel Not-Pop

Did you know that Janelle Monáe could be even better? I know, Tightrope seems darned near perfect as it was released. But Party Ben found a way to improve it just that tiniest bit by marrying the lovely Ms. Monáe to Nancy Sinatra’s iconic These Boots Are Made for Walking.

And so I bring you today This Tightrope’s Made for Walking, a song guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor doing your best high wire act (or at least to subjecting your chair to some serious getting down). As with all Mashups of the Month, this one is available for free download from the Party Ben web site. Go get it and a whole lot more.

On a more-serious note, I feel like I have to be missing a lot of great bootie talent out there. If you know of some fantastic mashers I’ve missed—or if you are one—I would love to hear from you. It’s not that I don’t get enough mashup in my life, it’s that there’s no such thing. There has to be a legion of you out there I’m overlooking. Share!

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