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Colour - Wild Cub

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thanks to the wonderful listening to...music community at Google+ I've got another new band for you all. While Wild Cub's latest video has gotten a fair amount of play, what with their having been at SXSW this year, not all of their music has such a big sound.

It does, however, make you say, "Hey, that reminds me of..." The trick with these Nashville natives is that it's not generally the same recollection twice running. For one song you're thinking, "Nice! I hear David Byrne." Then the next you're saying, "They must be old-school U2 fans."

So have a listen to (and watch) Wild Cub. Groove on their indie chops and their catchy music. And if you want to see a video that makes you wish you were in the room even more than Colour does, click over and watch Thunder Clatter from their December, 2012 release. Let me know who you think of when you hear that one.

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