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Who's Feeling Young Now? - Punch Brothers

Legbamel Not-Pop

Genre-bending bands rule! Now that I've gotten that sweeping generalization out of the way, I'll provide you with proof in the pudding rather than an exception to the rule: Punch Brothers and Who's Feeling Young Now?. While they could be categorized as a bluegrass band, they tend as much toward the indie sound as they do toward the twang. And the voices? More Pale Young Gentlemen than Soggy Bottom Boys.

Have a listen to the joy that is Who's Feeling Young Now? and, if you like it, try Soon or Never which couldn't be more gorgeously harmonized. There's a whole great whack of their stuff on Grooveshark so settle in for a good listen. Now don't say I never brought you anything nice.

Who's Feeling Young Now? by Punch Brothers on Grooveshark

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