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Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was waxing philosophical elsewhere about the start of my love affair with swing music and I realized I hadn't shared with you what I consider the pinnacle of swing: Benny Goodman's take on Louis Prima's Sing, Sing, Sing. While normally I wouldn't add a static video like this, I'm led to believe that this wonderful version includes the legendary Gene Krupa on drums.

Say what you will about swing music, you just can't beat the energy and sheer joy of Sing, Sing, Sing. I found several other versions, featuring anything from saxophones to guitars on the melody, but none of them could touch Benny Goodman's mastery on clarinet. From the full blare of horns behind him to the solo sections every moment is gold.

The original Louis Prima version, of course, had words. It's a little hat tip to The Music Goes 'Round and Around. I have to say, however, that I much prefer the instrumental version, as nonsensical as it makes the name. Have a listen and tell me if this one didn't make you want to dance your fool head right off.

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