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Revolution - Sirsy

Legbamel Not-Pop

As a fan of great big rock, and great big bands, I didn't expect to love Sirsy. Yet here I am, with a little-bitty two-person band. That's because Sirsy sounds more like five people than a duo.

They're a sneaky pair, is Sirsy. Each of them plays two things at a time (well, if you count vocal as "playing") and every once in a while Melanie Krahmer pulls out her flute and jams a bit. Listening to a recording might leave you thinking they've been paired with studio musicians to round out their sound so I've included a video for you.

Of course, the reason Sirsy came to my attention was the new album they have coming out March 5th. You'll just have to wait on that one, as I couldn't find any of the songs to share. For now, have a little Revolution and find out the sound to which you should be looking forward when I finally get my digital hands on a song to add.

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