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Let's Go - The Worsties

Legbamel Not-Pop

It just so happens that a great post-punk garage band came to my attention just as I'm preparing to leave town for a few days. In the spirit of travel, enjoy the high-energy rollick of The Worsties and Let's Go. I've got the song in my head as I'm flailing about trying to finish packing and ready to get this show on the road.

Next week sometime perhaps I'll post the song that Ted Kelly brought to my attention on Google + but that's a brand-new video and you know I like to delve. Besides, I'm too hyper to right a proper review.

Do a little head banging a little jumping up and down, and generally get your rock on in the meantime. This player will give you the whole playlist even though it only shows Let's Go, by the way. I'll come back with a burning desire to post and a backlog of blather, so be prepared.

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