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You Pick the Winner: The Ramones vs. The Queers

Legbamel Not-Pop

If there's one thing a punk group likes to do, it's sing about punk rock girls. For today, let's take two iconic bands and compare their takes on the women they know. First, The Ramones with Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, creatively names as so many of their songs are but still a seminal song. Then The Queers take their swing at it with Tamara Is a Punk.

One presumes The Queers stopped short of naming Tamara a punk rocker because of the Ramones song. If you listen to the chorus she is, indeed, one and you're now to knock her. The Ramones, however, do much less pining and more celebrating of the the fact that Sheena is, indeed, a punk rocker.

Have a listen to both and tell me which you prefer. Naturally, if I've missed a great song about a punk rock girl (except, of course, Punk Rock Girl, which is just too easy), drop me a note and I'll have a listen.

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