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Primo Victoria - Sabaton or van Canto

Legbamel Not-Pop

Before I rhapsodize too much about this song, let me confess to being a fan of what I like to call the "Nazis get theirs" genre. Mostly it's books and movies that offer the most satisfying variations on this theme but every once in a while something else sneaks into my list of favorites. Such was the case with Primo Victoria.

Now maybe it's the pounding drums, maybe it's the throbbing guitars (or the "dun diggy dun" as the case may be). Whatever the reason, this song about the Normandy invasion makes me want to stand up and cheer...and head bang.

Before van Canto introduced me to Primo Victoria I'd never heard it, though from the first listen I knew it had to be a cover. I sought out Sabaton to hear the original and, after adjusting to the inexplicably unexpected accent (I'd not considered the band's Swedish origins), decided I really do like it as well. I'm not going to make this a "You Pick the Winner" round, just a chance to enjoy two versions of a great song about invading Nazi territory and taking it back for the Allies.

If they'd had this on recruitment drives in the forties it would have stirred a lot of folks to volunteer...or run away screaming. It probably would have been terrifying to them, actually. There wasn't much in the way of electric guitars going, then. Whatever, just enjoy the songs and please do let me know which you like better or if you think the van Canto version rocks as hard as (or harder than) the Sabaton original. (Oooh, look, Grooveshark gave me back my colors!)

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