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J'Aime - Riff Cohen

Legbamel Not-Pop

With enormous thanks to Eli S from Google+, and the other fine folks at the listening to... community there, I bring you the adorable and talented Riff Cohen. She's Israeli but sings in French and, in both the video for J'Aime and A Paris, she looks like she's having more fun than any grown person should...or all of us should and she's the only one doing it.

Whether we should all be so happy or not, watch J'Aime and see what I mean. Riff Cohen looks and sounds about as happy as one can get and you already know of my weakness for French lyrics. Ms. Cohen comes by her French honestly: via her Algerian mother. Unlike A Paris, which was filmed in Paris, this one shows her enjoying her home country on the streets (and in the clubs and businesses) of Jaffa. Watch, enjoy, and go find more from her!

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