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I Wish (Bundle of Contradictions) - Forro in the Dark with David Byrne

Legbamel Not-Pop

Do you know what's cool? Famous musicians finding obscure bands and recording with them. And so I bring to you more Forro in the Dark with David Byrne because I think it's cool.

I Wish is typical Byrne fare: a straight-forward yearning for love in unexpected language. Mr. Byrne himself is the titular Bundle of Contradictions wishing for someone to love him.

And then you get forrĂ³ in the background, a talented bunch of Brazilian ex-patriots that play great music on their own. Add the two together and you get an album I can't stop playing, in part because of I Wish (Bundle of Contradictions). Lest you think it's all David Byrne, Bebel Gilberto and Miho Hatori appear on the album as well.

I Wish (Bundle of Contradictions) feat. David Byrne by Forro in the Dark on Grooveshark

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