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Wily Kataso - Amadou & Mariam

Legbamel Not-Pop

To make you all (and me) feel better about your rumor-mongering co-workers and family members, I thought I'd share with you a song about gossip all of the way from Mali. The amazing Amadou & Mariam have their own trouble with nattering neighbors but they had the wherewithal to write Wily Kataso to express their frustration.

I think I'm going to keep a shortcut to this on my desktop. The next time one of the guys come whispering around the corner I'm going to hit play, and the time after that. Eventually either they'll be so enamored of the song that they'll ask what it is and I'll point them to this post or they'll think I'm listening to the same song all of the time and they'll stop coming 'round to tell tales out of school.

If you've got a mess of gossips in your life, know that people all over the globe have the same woes. Let Amadou & Mariam cheer you up with Wily Kataso. Maybe learning to tell your blabby buddies off in a different language will work.

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