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Motown Blood - Mando Diao

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've decided that the world is not fair. I know, perhaps I might have noticed that a few years earlier, but I have specific proof. In Germany, Laing is pop music. In Sweden, apparently, Mando Diao is pop music. In America I get auto-tuned women gyrating or auto-tuned men gesturing without shirts.

If you need aural proof, here is Motown Blood, a grimy, grungy, punky song that puts most of the Top 100 here in the US utterly to shame. And this was from Mando Diao's first album in 2002. If you need proof of how much we're missing out on not being better invaded by European pop, have a listen to Dance with Somebody or Go Out Tonight. Tell me it's fair that people on the other side of the pond get to have this on the radio while we vacillate between Black Eyed Peas and Kesha. Now pardon me while I go have a quality pity party and then listen to some more of this to cheer myself up again.

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