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Morgens immer Müde - Laing

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally, seeing something labeled "German pop" would not draw my attention. However, a mashup of this song brought me to Laing because I liked the vocals but not the mix. Imagine my delight at finding these ladies, packaged and pre-processed though they are!

Now, the fact that they are dressed alike in every video doesn't detract from the fact that they can actually sing. And Morgens immer Müde proves that they can get funky, too. Have a listen and, if you like that one, try the Mark Scheibe Orchester version of Neue Liebe.

While their normal sound is a bit more spare, you can hear the strength of Laing's vocals and enjoy a really big sound. C'mon, you know I'm a sucker for horns. Just give it a try. You know you want to.

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