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Malicious - Ghosts of Dixie

Legbamel Not-Pop

In any given day I listen to a lot of dreck. You know I wander in the bizarre backwaters of music. Often a song makes me click away with all the haste of a frigid spinster faced with a porn pop-up. Less often something makes me say "ooh" only to fall apart after the opening riff.

Every once in a while, however, I find something that grabs me. Those are the things I bring to you, my dears, the ones that keep me grooving, the musicians who deserve another listen because they're doing something grand. Today, Ghosts of Dixie did that for me so I'm sharing them with you.

They've only got four songs on ReverbNataion but you can download them for free. To entice you to listen I've only included Malicious here. It's got a nasty little beat, a minute-long instrumental intro, and some voodoo-licious lyrics for some swamp-boogie goodness. You can't ask for a lot more than that on a Sunday morning, now can you?

4 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    very good review; watch that band for more surprises ;-)

  2. I'm watching...though a bit more suspiciously, now. Was that an anonymous Ghost? :D

  3. Roberto says:

    OK, I'll 'fess up to being a Ghost, Roberto the piano player in fact. Thanks for our favorable review; speaking more generally, grĂ¡cias to you for taking the time to listen to a sizable fraction of the music out there and filtering it for us, drawing our attention to much worthwhile work that gets mostly ignored and unappreciated. Keep it up as long as you can stand the dreck ;-)

  4. :D I'm having a wonderful time doing it, for all my occasional whine. Thanks for 'fessing up and for stopping by...twice.

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