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Loco para la Pista - Dusty

Legbamel Not-Pop

I absolutely cannot resist the energy and cross-genre flailing that Dusty inspires with Loco para la Pista. Should you be wondering, my rudimentary Spanish skills translate that into "Crazy for the Track", which pretty well fits my attitude about as well.

There are no lyrics to give you a hint, however. It's just relentless beat beat beat, and then horns, and then beat beat beat. Then horns. Then...you know. Loco para la Pista is just my kind of song: it's fast, furious, and fun. I thought it high time I share it with you, my dears. Enjoy the carnival flavor and Latin rhythms, and do let me know if you liked it.

Loco Para La Pista by Dusty on Grooveshark

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