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I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty

Legbamel Not-Pop

While not a traditional Christmas song, or technically even a holiday song at all, Mike Doughty’s I Hear the Bells strikes me as a perfect song for the season. It’s got your usual bells and there’s snow in New York. The tempo stays upbeat enough for a cheery playlist of classics without being frenetic.

At it's heart, I Hear the Bells is song about perseverance but what better for Christmas chorus than "I can hear the bells are ringing joyful and triumphant"? All in all it's a beautiful song, one that includes the word ampersands, a favorite of mine, and it puts me in the holiday mood in a way that White Christmas just can't.

For this terrifically popular holiday, please do enjoy an off-beat song that still celebrates the sorts of things one loves about family, winter, and, naturally, ringing bells. Let me know if you think it’s as perfect a Christmas song as I do.

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