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True Confessions: Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado

Legbamel Not-Pop

Once upon a time, Nelly Furtado was pop. Thankfully, that day has passed so that I can post Parking Lot, a song that it stuns me didn't top charts the world over. Of course, it stuns me that an awful lot of what I post didn't chart anywhere at all.

In this case, it's a song that's fluffy enough, with a massive beat behind it, that it ought to be played in clubs for people to enjoy. Since apparently that hasn't happened, I want to bring it to your attention, my dears. I haven't even listened to the rest of "The Spirit Indestructible" yet (though it's on my plate for today). The song was brought to my attention via the antics of David Gaider and the Dragon Age writers.

Have a listen and let me know, my dears, if you can fathom why the former Number One Nelly Furtado has disappeared from the pop charts. For the life of my I can't understand.

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