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Labyrinth-Enter at Own Risk - United Future Organization

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let's wander back out into space this evening with United Future Organization. Now, before you tell me, I know David Bowie is not involved with UFO, nor does Labyrinth - Enter at Own Risk have a blessed thing to do with the movie. It's just what I think of every time I see the song on my play list. If you can't hear me whistling innocently, you must simply try harder dears. Harder. Ahem.

I fear David Bowie's tights-clad junk has driven my mind straight to juvenile snickering. You'll just have to have a listen to Labyrinth without me and let me know if you liked it while I go wash my brain out with soap.

Labyrinth - Enter At Own Risk by United Future Organization on Grooveshark

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