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Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk - George Clinton

Legbamel Not-Pop

There are a lot of things I like about George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, but their song titles rank high on the list. For instance, consider the sublime concreteness of Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk. Not only does it describe the song (as it is, in fact, nearly half of the chorus) but how can you resist clicking to listen? "Booty body? Plush funk? I must hear more!"

Much like Do Fries Go with That Shake?, which, knowing the Parliament, you know isn't about fast food, but you can't help but give it a listen. Then you're grooving to the, yes, plush funk and nothing will do but another helping.

Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk by George Clinton on Grooveshark

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