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Two Bottles of Wine - Jason Webley w/Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's Friday and we need a song about drinking, but it's got to be fun. Handily for you all, I've got Two Bottles of Wine just for you. You get the wacky Jason Webley and Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band, together at last just like you always wanted. Okay, maybe you didn't but they certainly work well together. Enjoy your Two Bottles of Wine and, if you're of a mood, you can hear Webley's Drinking Song oom-pah it's way along on Grooveshark. It's more drunken and maudlin than fun, though. I imagine it'd make a great sing-along right at the end of the night, though.

Two Bottles of Wine by Jason Webley with Rev. Peyton on Grooveshark

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