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High Fives - Suburban Legends and TMBG

Legbamel Not-Pop

Get your skank on, darlings, and have a jam to the utterly well-named ska-awesome that is Suburban Legends. In their most suburban of songs, High Fives celebrates looking "totally bitchin'" and acting like superior asses in high school.

Now, it just so happens that They Might Be Giants has their very own, kid-based song called High Five which features that same game that jerks play on other kids in high school. For all it's doofy lyrics, it's still got some great horns and a pile of disco sensibility that you don't expect from the duo. Nor, if you've not kept up with them, do you expect a kids' chorus, but you get that, too.

So enjoy a pair of High Fives from me. C'mon, guys, don't leave me hangin'.

Double High Five by legbamel on Grooveshark

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