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Here's Johnny! - Hocus Pocus

Legbamel Not-Pop

While some people might hear "French hip hop quintet" and run the other way, you must know me well enough by now to know that I jumped all over Hocus Pocus. When you can't understand the words and all you have is the music and the sound of voices washing over you, you can really enjoy the work without trying to parse meaning. I've enjoyed listening to them quite a lot this evening but, when I heard Here's Johnny! I knew I had the song for you, my darlings.

Now, I must caution you that Here's Johnny! is hardly typical of their sound. Hocus Pocus definitely give you more mainstream hip hop...with, y'know, actual instruments. That's right, I've got a third group for my jazz hop genre to go with Spekulation and Janelle Monae.

Now, if you want something more typical, try Mr. Tout le Monde or, for something much harder, Vocab!. And if you're familiar with Hocus Pocus, drop me a recommendation, would you? Merci!

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