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Don't Fence Me In, Ten Times

Legbamel Not-Pop

This whole enterprise stated when I discovered that David Byrne had covered Don't Fence Me In. Now, as a Bing Crosby fan, I knew the song by heart but I really grooved to the Byrne version of the song. Then...then my dears I discovered the Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald version.

Now, if you enjoy people who have a good time and know how to laugh at themselves, I can't possibly recommend that cover enough. But I still find Bing Crosby to have such an amazing voice that we can't do without his original, nor could we pass by the David Byrne take on Don't Fence Me In. And, naturally, I needed to find as many versions as I could.

You didn't think I'd leave you all out of it, did you? Of course I couldn't. And so I bring you ten versions of Don't Fence Me In, some of them more fun than others. IN addition to the ones I've already mentioned, you'll find Willie Nelson (natch), Harry Connick Jr., Chumbawumba (no, really), and James Brown (seriously, you can't make up this stuff).

Have a listen and, if you have a favorite I'd love to know which it is, particularly if it isn't here and I'm missing it. Honestly, I rather like the James Brown version. Who knew?

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