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True Confessions: Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

Legbamel Not-Pop

If you ever need to know the reason MTV took so long to come into being, a perusal of the people making the fantastic (and other) music back in the day will explain it clearly. Perhaps no one except Mick Jaggar typifies the reason no one wanted to watch them for three and a half minutes more than Matthew Wilder.

In a "wait for it" attempt, I've included his picture at the end of this post. But when you didn't see people gyrating and lip-synching their song every six minutes all you had to go on was the local radio stations and whatever your scraped-together allowances would buy at the record store. And so I confess that I've loved Break My Stride for almost thirty years, since I first heard it as a kid.

Now, I had no idea what the man looked like. Indeed, until I decided to post this, I had never seen him. The moment I did every nostalgic thing I was going to say about the wonderful times in my life when this earworm accompanied me flew right out of my head. Seriously, do you want to see this guy dancing to the song?

If that hasn't utterly ruined the song before you hear it, do give it a listen. It really is a happy, bouncy, dance-inspiring song. I hope you enjoy it and can get this abomination of a man-perm out of your head.

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