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Perfect Pair: Return to Sender and Please Mr. Postman

Legbamel Not-Pop

I can't hear Elvis bemoaning the postman returning his pleas for forgiveness without wanting to listen to The Marvelettes offer the opposite point of view. Perhaps the evil postman wants one of the glamorous Marvelettes for himself and has been returning Mr. Presley's letters without attempting to deliver them at all. It's a musical conspiracy theory!

Whatever the case, Return to Sender and Please Mr. Postman make a perfect pair in my mind. Have a listen to them back-to-back and let me know if they link as well as I think. And if you've any theories about Elvis Presley's secret love for Gladys Horton, do share! I'm also willing to entertain the idea that I've made up the whole thing, and I'd love other suggestions for songs about getting mail.

Please Return to Mr. Postman by legbamel on Grooveshark

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  1. Erik says:

    Hi! I had the same thought and my further theory is that the secret person between the two lovers is.....THE MAILMAN! ok so here's the evidence. In return to sender the letter "comes back the very next day". That's not enough time for the letter to get back to the post office then out to the girl, back to the post office and then back to the guy! The only way this works is if the postman is taking the letter back to the post office marking it officially and bring it right back the next day! So the nice mr. postman that this lovelorn girl talks to everyday is in love with her and is stopping all love letters from the recently returned boyfriend! BOOM! That's it for sure!

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