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Borderline Clone - Paul Miro

Legbamel Not-Pop

So, Paul Miro's new album is coming out later this year, though you can pay him now if you just can't wait. I have no idea what the rest of it will sound like but I can tell you for free that if it's all as much gritty fun as Borderline Clone I'll definitely be picking myself up a copy.

While the newly-released video is delightful, I'd actually recommend listening to it where you can't see the screen the first time through. Identifying all of the LEGO folks gets pretty distracting and, while relevant to the themes in Borderline Clone, really keeps you from getting the full groove. It's classic rock and roll, well done and just enough on the bitter side to carry an edge.

At any rate, have a listen and a watch and let me know what you think. Even if you aren't a big LEGO or Star Wars geek in on the joke, did you chair dance with it cranked up to eleven? I have to say that my kids were singing this in the car after the third time we watched it so it gets a thumbs up from them as well as from me.

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