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You Can Dance - Chilly Gonzales

Legbamel Not-Pop

You Can Dance is all that used to be right with pop music when I was a kid, back when massive sound was where it was at. Please, pretend that sentence wasn't a grammar train wreck and pay attention. Months ago I posted another Chilly Gonzales song called Bongo Monologue that sits more on the jazz hop side of the coin.

You Can Dance, on the other hand, gives you an Earth, Wind, & Fire vibe with a layered sound that makes you want to just go ahead and dance, already. It's less typical of Chilly Gonzales's usual style but it's a great tune in its own right. You get looping samples, half a choir, and 70s-style vocal meandering mixes with some lovely piano modernized with a squidgy digitized voice. What's not to love?

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