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Hammerhead Stew - Delbert McClinton

Legbamel Not-Pop

If only all of Delbert McClinton's music gave me rockin' horns, a chorus of backup singers, and the rest of the fun that Hammerhead Stew offers I'd have posted him a dozen times by now. The trick with Mr. McClinton is that you never know what a song is going to sound like when you give him a listen.

Sometimes it's country, sometimes more cajun-flavored, and sometimes a great semi-soul, rock-and-roll romp like this. But keeping someone guessing is a great way to keep them trying your music, right?

If you're not familiar with Delbert McClinton, have a listen to Hammerhead Stew and do search out more from him. And if you're already a fan, give me some more fun recommendations, would you?

Hammerhead Stew by Delbert McClinton on Grooveshark

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