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You Can't Hurry Love Five Times

Legbamel Not-Pop

Whatever your opinion or Diana Ross's personal life, I doubt anyone could fault her peaches-and-creamy voice as the front woman for the Supremes. When people choose to tackle such an iconic song as You Can't Hurry Love they have to know that they're going to be subject to comparison with it.

Today, let's take the original hit and four covers. I'm afraid that, listened to in sequence, the Dixie Chicks suffer mightily in that comparison. The Stray Cats, on the other hand, took that twang and made it a central part of the song. In doing so, they changed the song entirely while still leaving it entirely recognizable. In truth, of the four newer versions it's Phil Collins, of all people, who sounds the most like Diana Ross! The Checkered Cabs tried to speed it up and turn You Can't Hurry Love into a ska-punk song but I don't think they succeeded.

But that's enough of my opinion. I want to hear from you, my dears! Have a listen and tell me whether you think the southern-fried ladies pull it off after all or if Phil's husky voice grates on your ears. And if you've got another version I'd love to hear it.

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