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Rainbounce - Reptar

Legbamel Not-Pop

Reptar owes a vocal debt to the fine folks of Vampire Weekend, methinks. Have a listen to Rainbounce and let me know if you agree. Don't you immediately think of Ezra Koenig?

Now, I don't think Reptar is a VW rip-off, by any means. I'm just saying, really, Graham Ulicny could be the man's long lost brother or second cousin or something. The group hails from Athens, GA, however (gee, who do we know from Athens? REM? The B-52s? What's in the water, down there?), rather than being Nor'eastern college boys.

Whatever they're feeding people down South I hope they keep doing it if it's making great musicians like it is. Put you ears on Reptar and let me know what you think. Happy Friday!

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