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The Promise - When in Rome

Legbamel Not-Pop

The short-lived and ever-so-sexy When in Rome had one massive hit that left people thirsting for more, but nothing lived up to The Promise. The more-cynical me thinks, "Maybe if you weren't such a jerk you wouldn't have to stop and think of the right words to say." The nostalgic me thinks, "I love this song," and sighs.

And so I give you what I promise is the last 80s song for the week and perhaps even the month. I wouldn't normally give you two videos in a row but, really, you have to see these guys. Watch for the strategic crotch-shot with holey jeans at 3:11 or so and check the lead singer's eyes. This was a swoon-worthy pair, once upon a time, and The Promise on which their voices blended so well has well outlasted their looks. Tomorrow? Something less than ten years old, I promise.

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