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(Jump up on the) Rhythm and Ride - Kool & the Gang

Legbamel Not-Pop

For no discernible reason, the last few months have brought a lot of people here to listen to Funky Stuff. Not only do I appreciate all of the visitors and the amount of other things they take the time to explore on The NPJ but the influx brought to my attention that I've not posted more Kool & the Gang, either before or since.

Let's fix that little problem today with (Jump Up on the) Rhythm and Ride, a disco-funk, semi-hip hop, harmonized bit of giddy-up fun. There's enough of a driving beat to make you want to dance with Shawn McQuiller (the lead singer who's done an admirable job since JT Taylor left in 1987).

Enjoy the rhythm and go for a ride with Kool & the Gang. Sadly, this one missed the charts entirely when it was released in 1992 but anyone who's a fan of the group, or of music in general, ought to find plenty to love.

(Jump Up) On The Rhythm And Ride by Kool & The Gang on Grooveshark

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