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Bootie Cooler - Shuggie Otis

Legbamel Not-Pop

With deep thanks to Dirk Talamasca for sharing this on Google+, I bring you the bluesy proto-funk of Shuggie Otis along with a sincere argument for those of us who were alive in the seventies for the banning of flares and an explanation at our dismay at seeing them come around again, fashion-wise. Bootie Cooler doesn't try to distract you with lyrics about shaking your bootie. It just gives you a chance to cool it. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, this is Soul Train, whose dance line was the teaching tool of suburban white children across the US.

As a side note, I kept expecting someone to sing "boogie nights" when I listened to the song. Watch the fantastic (if un-related) video for Bootie Cooler and have a listen to Earth, Wind, & Fire's Boogie Nights and let me know if you hear the similarity. Even if you don't, I think this is a great pair of 70s tunes, particularly if you're in a mood to boogie your bootie tonight.

Boogie Nights by Earth Wind & Fire on Grooveshark

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